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Hyper realistic sex dolls are the new discovery of eroticism

Hyper realistic sex dolls are the new discovery of eroticism
Are you tired of looking at beautiful girls only behind a screen?
You are not alone.
Statistically, the pleasure of physical contact with another human being is preferred over any other form of eroticism.
Often, however, it is not possible and the only way is precisely to find comfort through a screen.

Hence the idea of creating these hyper realistic dolls.
And mind you, these are not inflatable dolls, but genuine works of art that seem 100% real.
Made of TPE, the latest generation elastomer, they promise full sexual satisfaction.
Why not give it a try?

Could it be said that they are truly human dolls?
They certainly are. Unlike inflatable dolls, they are similar to a woman in height and weight, in their consistency and because they are soft and velvety to the touch. Not only the shape, even thanks to a heater they reach normal body temperature. It's like touching a real woman.

How are they made?
They are 100% realistic. They are firm and perfect curves. They can be customized to suit your needs and there is something for everyone.

One of our favorites is Rebecca, a redhead with a jaunty look and a killer body: Rebecca
Once the final look is chosen, the real magic happens next.
In fact, you can find a list of features on the site that you can change to your liking.
First you can choose your height and body type. Super skinny or curvy? Tall or petite? Blonde or brunette?
In addition to purely aesthetic aspects, you can also configure more intimate characteristics.

In fact, it is possible to choose the type of vagina you like best.
As the website says "Built-in & removable vagina has the same user experience, but removable is better for hygiene and maintaining your doll. H2O Cyberskin vagina is the closest thing for a real vagina & because of its special material, you don't need a lubricant to use it. Only a few drops of water."

But the full experience is had by adding the extras too, you can in fact have a vagina heater for a 100% real experience, you will feel like you have a woman there with you.

Another important feature for those who appreciate dolls is the conformation of the mouth, also customizable. As well as the breasts or pubic hair!

It's all so customizable that even looking for years for a real woman, you wouldn't be able to find one exactly how you like her.
Now it's possible.
You can have the best of both worlds, at once, without compromise.

Check out the full catalog here and be seduced by the beauty of these sex dolls.
Try them, you won’t regret it!

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