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How to properly clean sex toys and double the fun?

How to properly clean sex toys and double the fun?
Who doesn't like sex toys?
We all have one - or have thought about buying one at least once. They come in all different shapes, sizes and uses, the common denominator being that they give us pleasure.

Whether you use them every day, or just occasionally, it's important to clean them properly and store them in a safe place.
Like all intimate things, extra care is needed to continue maximum enjoyment with even maximum safety included!

Regardless of the material it is made from, it is necessary that every toy is cleaned before and after use. In general, soap and water or a specific detergent is enough, but let's go over in detail how to do it efficiently and quickly.

In the next lines I want to explain how to clean your sex toys, so that it becomes an automatic gesture to do after each use.

How to clean sex toys?

It is not a complicated process, but it must be done. And simply rinsing them is not enough unfortunately.
First of all you have to understand what kind of sex toy it is, each one has its own specific way of cleaning it.

Before going further, a quick recommendation.
Remember: whenever a sex toy is used anally or when shared with other people/partners, it MUST be sterilized. Don't be a dirty boy, as bacteria and infections are no joke. If you really don't have a way to do a thorough cleaning, use a condom.

So here are 3 tips on cleaning sex toys:

1. The material

It is in fact important to understand what material your toy is made of, just as when you clean your house, there is a different way to clean the various materials.
To be sure of the material check the box, it is always indicated, but if for some reason you do not have it anymore just remember the brand and look it up on the internet, you will find everything there.

Sex toys are divided into porous and non-porous. Porous materials are more tricky, precisely because of the characteristic of the material to retain particles you need special care in cleaning. This category includes materials such as Jelly or PVC.

Non-porous materials include silicone, which can be molded into many shapes, colors and textures, as well as rigid ABS plastic. Even stainless steel, ceramic and glass, if processed with skill, can become tantalizing objects of pleasure.

Yes, you read that right, glass. One of the easiest materials to clean - it even goes in the dishwasher - and how stylish!
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2. How to actually clean them

There are various ways to clean your toys, although it's always best to use specific products.
Washing them thoroughly with warm water and soap is a basic, but effective enough way to clean them. The only thing you should take care of is that the soap is not too much and, above all, that there are no aromas or odors, to avoid irritating the intimate areas once they come into contact with it.

Also be careful if it is a toy with or without a motor, in fact if it is electronic it should never be completely immersed in water to avoid breaking it. In this case buy specific products to clean them.

Regardless of the motor or not, if you are looking for a more efficient - and faster - cleaning, there are many sprays, detergents and wipes on the market. Personally, I've been using this amazing spray Cleaning spray for years and have always had a great time.

It is an antibacterial spray and thanks to the antimicrobial ingredients is proven to kill 99.9% of all germs, while the addition of zinc salts reduces any chance of irritation.

3. When to wash them and how to store them

Toys should always be washed both before and after use. With specific products it takes very little time and in this way we can fully enjoy the experience, sure of being in total safety.

After using them, your toys should be stored in a separate place. Do not leave them in the drawer with all the other things, in contact with clothes or other objects they would get dirty again and there would be no point in cleaning them thoroughly.

Try to put them back in their original container, or in case you don't have it anymore you can use silk sachets or rigid airtight containers.

No matter how much care we take of our sex toys, after a few uses they will become sticky and less performing. Luckily, there are products designed to make them like new again. Try this fragrance-free powder Clean powder, it was designed to give your toys that "like-new" feeling that never gets sticky or oily between uses. After washing and drying your intimate item, simply apply a thin coat of it.

Playing safely with your sex toys is what we like, without having to worry about disease and bacteria. As you can see, cleaning does not require much time or skill, which is why it is important that it is done regularly!

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Well, have fun!

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