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Home Camming vs. Studio Camming: Which is Best for Cam Girls

Home Camming vs. Studio Camming: Which is Best for Cam Girls

New cam girls may find it hard to decide which is best between home camming vs. studio camming. Both options come with pros and cons, and models from various parts of the world seem to prefer one over the other. Let’s find out which option is best for you.

Home Camming

Home camming involves broadcasting from your home – or any other location of your choice. For instance, nobody stops you from broadcasting from your private pool or garden if you want to use a more unusual location. This option is very popular for cam girls in Western Europe, North America, and Africa, and comes with plenty of advantages. Let’s check them out.

Home camming advantages

  • You get to work from home and be your own boss. You can set up any working schedule you like, broadcast only on certain days, and won’t have to get up early and fight traffic to get to work.
  • You won’t have to worry about someone else using your outfits or accessories – something that can happen if you work in a studio.
  • You won’t have to pay commissions. Studios usually keep a big chunk of your weekly or monthly pay to make up for their costs and draw a profit. Camming from home means you get to keep all money for yourself.
  • You can make money in multiple ways. While most studios only allow you to broadcast on certain websites, camming from home means you can sign up to as many sites as you want, make money from selling videos and pictures, sell Skype or Snapchat shows, sell your panties, and more.

Home camming disadvantages

  • You will have to invest in quality equipment if you don’t have it already, so setup costs could be a drawback.
  • You might not be able to hide what you’re doing from the people you live with. If you might not care about roommates, things could get tricky if you want to hide your job from your parents or partner.

Studio Camming

Studio camming involves broadcasting from a studio that is owned by someone else. It works pretty much like a work contract, meaning that you’ll have to get to work each day and, more often than not, work a determined numbers of hours per week and adhere to a working schedule. This option is preferred by cam girls from Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia.

Studio camming advantages

  • You won’t have to hide from roommates and family. You can wear your usual clothes and go to work as usual, then turn home in your usual clothes.
  • You won’t have to buy any expensive equipment or accessories. Studios usually offer everything you need to get started, including sexy outfits in your own size.
  • You won’t have to spend time and effort to set up a proper camming area, and the décor you’ll have will look very professional.

Studio camming disadvantages

  • The studio gets to keep a part of your profits.
  • Most studios set up studio accounts on various camming portals, so you won’t have the possibility to choose on which to work. Since most computers are controlled, you won’t even have the possibility to log into other accounts or use Facebook during work hours.
  • Most studios forbid their cam girls to sell pictures, videos, or lingerie.
  • Some studios may ask models to share toys and accessories, which bears a potential risk of contracting infections.

Wrapping it all up

Each camming method comes with pros and cons, but if you’re computer literate and have a quiet space you can use, home camming is undeniably a better idea. You don’t even have to worry about advertising your profiles – we’re here for that. Sign up to Chat Opinion right now and we’ll advertise all your cam profiles for free for six months. Hurry up! Thousands of new fans are eager to take you in private.


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