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Spice up your live cam with erotic costumes and lingerie.

Spice up your live cam with erotic costumes and lingerie.
A live cam session is an engaging and inspiring experience for both the model and the fan.
Learning about your fans and knowing how to make them happy is part of the camgirl job.

Whether they are regulars or new customers the number 1 rule is to blow their minds!
Every camgirl has her own tricks, developed with years of experience, and today we're revealing one of our favorites: erotic costumes.

Yes, the feedback we receive from ChatOpinion users indicates that a model is on average more successful when she manages to tease with a particular outfit.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your live sessions we have some ideas for you, check out the selection of sexy costumes here. These are real disguises that can be used for sexual role play.
Why not stage a real movie or a skit in which maybe you play a little bit before getting to the meat? After all, they say that waiting increases the pleasure.

If you're undecided among the thousands of types you can find on the site, we've selected two for you.

In the first case it's the most recurrent fantasy among men, whether it's in live chat or with a physical partner, we guarantee you that wearing this Frisky Nurse nurse costume will blow his mind.
Wearing a sexy nurse costume means realizing one of the most common sexual fantasies among men, all you need is a little imagination and a lot of desire to play to embody at least for a few hours the role of the nurse. We guarantee that your fans will go crazy, what are you waiting for? Look at all the models, from the most authentic to the most extreme and choose how to drive them all crazy.

A great alternative to the sexy nurse is the schoolgirl dress, another forbidden dream of most men!

A camgirl who dresses up as a student or a teacher can recreate those sexy fantasies that awaken the man's instincts deep inside. In short, if you want to tease your fans and make them want to see you again and again and again, why not choosing something like Bleu Schoolgirl or any other costume that suits you.

You can customize your Naughty School Girl Costume any way you like, there are different colors and patterns. Think about how sexy you would feel wearing one of these costumes and you'll see that your fans will love whichever one you choose.

Role play costumes are really useful when it comes to teasing in the cams, but there's more to it than that.
If you're looking for lingerie or sexy clothes that aren't disguises, you're still in the right place.

On wickedtemptations you can take off every whim, do you want to buy a new sexy outfit that highlights your shape? Or do you have a thing for leather clothing this month?

Being sexy starts first in feeling sexy and wearing outfits that make us feel provocative and hot, start your next live cam session with an extra boost.

Blow your fans away by combining your prowess with a killer outfit, you'll see they'll be able to repay you properly, we guarantee it!

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