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Becoming a Cam Girl: How to Start a Webcam Model Business

Becoming a Cam Girl: How to Start a Webcam Model Business

Webcam modeling – or camming, how it is often called – is one of the most lucrative hobbies one can have. Just think about it; instead of spending time on Tinder trying to find a date, you can have fun chatting with lots of men eager to spend money just to have a good time with you.

Although there is a lot of stigma around this profession, the truth is that you can earn as much as a company manager while having a lot more fun. In fact, most cam girls earn between $2,000 and $10,000 a month, sometimes more, depending on how much time they spend online.

But how to become a cam girl? Do you need any special skills or equipment? Let’s answer all those questions and have a closer look at how to start a webcam model business.

Who can become a cam girl?

Technically, everyone above 18 years of age can become a cam model. However, there are a few things that could determine your success.

  • You must be confident: Anyone can make good money from webcam modeling, regardless of age, body type, or race. However, if you want to stand out, you must be confident. After all, remember that confidence is the sexiest trait you can have, so love your body and be bold enough to show it to the world.
  • You must be friendly and sociable: While some people like introverts, most webcam fans visit those sites to have a good time. You must be able to make people feel comfortable in your presence and must charm them with your smile and sweet talk. So, if you want to build a successful business, you must be sociable and friendly at all times.
  • You must invest in quality equipment: All you need to start camming is a laptop with built-in audio and video, and a connection to internet. However, the most successful cam girls always stream their video in HD and have equipment that is performing enough to ensure no disruptions. If you don’t have the money to buy a powerful PC and HD camera, make sure to invest your first money in quality hardware.

What are the best cam sites for beginners?

At Chat Opinion, our main goal is to help all cam girls gain exposure and find the best sites to work on. That’s why we asked successful cam girls to rate the sites they work on and compiled a list of camming sites you can find here.

In a nutshell and in no particular order, the best cam sites for beginners are:

Equipment, Accessories, and Tools

Getting started is often confusing, that’s why we put up this checklist of tools and equipment all cam girls need. Let’s check it out:

  • Powerful laptop or PC: Camming is pretty much like gaming – you won’t have too much fun (and won’t make too much money) if your computer is slow. Considering that you’ll stream live video for a living, you should invest in a computer with at least 4GB RAM, a Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GeForce graphics. Obviously, the more powerful the computer, the better.
  • HD webcam: The webcam you use is as important as your computer. While you could use a built-in cam if you’re using a laptop instead of a desktop PC, you should make sure it has at least 1080p. Currently, Logitech makes some of the best webcams for camming.
  • High-speed internet connection: The golden rule if you want to build a successful cam girl career is to find the fastest internet provider in your area and join them. If you’re camming from home and have roommates, pay for a separate connection that only you can use, and attach the cable to your computer instead of using Wi-Fi for higher connection stability and speed.
  • Toys: Camming can mean anything from chatting with your fans while remaining fully clothed to stripping to masturbating or playing with toys in front of the webcam. And it goes without saying that playing with toys will earn you the most money. Depending on how open-minded you are, buy at least a couple of dildos in different sizes, clit masturbators, vibrators, massagers, and butt plugs. If you want to offer your fans an immersive experience, an interactive toy such as Lovense will give your fans the possibility to control it via an app and be responsible of your pleasure.
  • Sexy attire: Fine lingerie, classy high heels, and all sorts of sexy clothing attract guests to your chat rooms. We recommend buying a few different sets ranging from lace and silk to vinyl, a few pairs of stiletto pumps, and sexy makeup.

Pro tips & tricks for setting up your camming room

Although you can technically stream from anywhere, setting up a camming room can help you gain and retain your audience’s interest, as well as help you maintain privacy. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Set up your camming room in a quiet, secure place. If you don’t leave alone, make sure you can lock the room while you’re working to prevent disruptions and distractions.
  • Keep it minimal. You can show off your personality with bedding and window treatments, but you should avoid distracting wallpapers behind you or large objects that could make your guests focus on the room rather than on you.
  • Don’t use any personal objects to decorate the room. Avoid placing pictures of you and your family on a shelf behind yourself or any other objects that may give away your location. While camming isn’t exactly synonymous with privacy, you should avoid becoming an easy target.

Learn how to increase your income

Cam girls can make over $2,000 a month from camming alone, but most of them also make money when they’re offline. Here are a few ways to increase your profits:

  • Sell sexy amateur videos
  • Sell sexy/nude pictures
  • Sell used panties to your loyal fans

Wrapping it all up

Building a successful camming career is relatively easy and truly rewarding. Sure, there is a lot of work that goes behind a successful profile, but you’ll earn a lot of money while having fun. Now, all you have to do is sign up to your favorite cam sites, then sign up to Chat Opinion and let us advertise your profile. It’s free and the fun is guaranteed. Hurry up! We’re waiting for you on the other side winking face


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